About us


Our history

      3E company was founded in the year 2000, and for a number of years since then our main focus was the manufacture of plastic injection-moulded components. We went on to include the assembly of electronic devices and started cooperating with SIR. Established in 2000, SIR, with its professional high-technology equipment, gained significant experience in the development and assembly of various electronic devices in multiple lines of business, including the automotive, power and security industries. In 2013, the two companies joined forces under the 3E brand, offering valuable experience and a wide range of services, from initial development to final manufacture. 3E provides contract-based services in the assembly of electronics and processing of plastics. Currently, we have 90 employees, and we cooperate with domestic and EU enterprises from the security, power, construction, automotive, ICT and advertisement industries. At the beginning of 2015 the company changed its legal form and its name to become: “3E EBS Production company”.


      We are based in Ełk, at ul. Okrężna 1b, in the Suwałki Special Economic Zone (SSSE), Ełk Sub-Zone. The company owns a high-tech production facility with a surface area of 1485 sqm located on a 7767 sqm plot. The facility includes several production lines, with a separate office and warehousing area, which enables us to provide comprehensive services flexibly aligned to the client’s logistical, storage and manufacture requirements.


    Thanks to the use of latest technologies and high-quality materials, we guarantee the best in quality, and something that has helped form our success: smooth alignment of the manufacturing processes to the changing requirements of our clients. The three Es in our logo stand for the main values and objectives of our company, which have remained unchanged: Electronics, Efficiency, Ecology. The development and assembly of electronic devices form the core of our operations, and we wish to provide our clients with the best in quality at an acceptable price, while protecting the environment and ensuring optimum working conditions for our staff.