OEM/ODM projects
Completion of custom-made projects. We operate under confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements concerning the projects and designs we deliver.

PCB design and consulting
Our specialist staff is perfectly qualified for professional PCB design, and for providing consulting services under SMT and THT design and technologies.

Microcontroller firmware

SMT assembly
Assembly of SMDs on high-technology automated processing lines:

  • Single- and double-sided mounting,
  • Application of solder paste or glue with stencils or dispensers,
  • Reflow soldering in a convection oven (no-clean) and wave soldering (no-clean).

Range of assembled SMDs:

  • RLC 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210 or larger
  • Transistors: SOT-23, SOT-232, SOT-89, D-PACK and D2-PACK
  • Integrated circuits (IC): SO, SOL, TSOP, TTSOP, PLCC, QFP, QFN, TQFP, BGA and LGA
  • PCB sizes: from 50 mm x 88 mm to 510 mm x 470 mm
  • Laminate thickness: 0.5 mm to 4.0 mm.

THT assembly

  • Two through-hole assembly lines,
  • Complementary assembly line.

Automated optical inspection (AOI)
Automated optical inspection of components with SAKI BF-Comet at 18 µm resolution.

Plastic injection moulding
Our machines enable us to process:

  • PC,
  • ABS,
  • PP,
  • PS,
  • PE,
  • PMMA,
  • Engineering plastics.

Our range of services includes:

    • End-to-end order performance:
      • - Design
      • - Prototyping
      • - Injection mould fabrication
      • - Product manufacturing
    • Manufacture using the client’s mould
    • Consultancy in the design and delivery of injection mould equipment
    • Consultancy in the selection of materials
    • Machining of injection mould surfaces
    • Mill-cutting of plastic enclosures
    • 3D printing

Final device assembly

      • Two lines for electronic device assembly
      • Wire preparation and wiring harness manufacture
      • Protective dip or spray coating
      • Labelling and marking
      • Packaging

Documentation and certification at the client’s request.

Printing and marking services
We subcontract printing houses capable of delivering quick professional document printing (manuals or certificates) and packaging services. We offer in-house product labelling and marking using:

      • Screen printing,
      • Pad printing,
      • Laser engraving.

We provide warehousing space for storing production batches, e.g. for the purposes of the batch-based shipment of goods.

We offer full logistical services.

    • Short lead times and professional order handling,
    • High-quality products,
    • Flexibility in responding to the client’s needs,
    • Qualified staff,
    • Timely order completion and attractive prices.